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What if sows refuse to eat after childbirth?

Article From:广州集牧农牧科技有限公司 Hits:4748 Position posted on:2018-01-11

Reasons for refusing to eat after childbirth:

1, postpartum feeding too much, feed concentration too general cause sow anorexia.

2, Sow postpartum devoured afterbirth, cause indigestion, unwilling to eat. 

3, postpartum fine coarse fodder too much, feed too little, cause sow defecate dry, and appetite drops.

4, sow postpartum fatigue excessively, and cause appetite to reduce.

5, postpartum due to the birth canal injury, bacterial infection and inflammation does not eat.

Prevention methods:

1, in the prenatal nutrition rich and digestible feed, concentrate, coarse, green material reasonable collocation, unfavorable feeding too fat or too thin.

2, in the prenatal seven days with 5% of fresh lime water disinfection ring, to prevent bacterial contamination of the vagina.

3, sow the output of afterbirth to timely take out, do not let sow swallowed.