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Do you know some mistaken ideas of pig raising?

Article From:广州集牧农牧科技有限公司 Hits:4738 Position posted on:2018-01-11

1, fattening stage, farmers like to feed a large number of bean cake, this is an unscientific concept of pig farming, mistakenly think this pig, pigs can quickly gain weight, in fact, fattening stage is mainly long fat, not long muscle, so do not need a large amount of protein feed, pigs in digestion need to remove nitrogen, feed can be converted into fat, More feed makes fat soft, meat is not good, but also increase the cost of pig.

2, many rural farmers are still in the way of cooked food to feed the pigs, but in the process of cooking, feed the nutrients have been boiled bad, feed nutrients loss of greater, so feed for the best raw feeds.

3, a little pig farmers are feeding the water, in fact, this pig-raising method on the pig itself is not a benefit, water feeding itself will increase the burden of the kidney, and not conducive to digestion and secretion, want to eat a long time pig, using thick porridge feed.

4, with swill feeding pigs, in fact, Swill has a lot of microorganisms, through the fly to the pig, let the pig suffering from disease, so to prohibit the feeding of swill.

5, there are farmers for the rapid growth of pigs, and want to grow fast pigs, indiscriminately add antibiotics to consumer health and food safety hazards, in order to the health of the majority of friends, please timely appropriate and targeted to add antibiotics.