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A lot of pig farmers will have problems with newborn piglets with their ears

Article From:广州集牧农牧科技有限公司 Hits:4722 Position posted on:2018-01-11

Look at the piglet's ears can see the health of piglets, anemia piglets ears will be particularly pale, there will be diarrhea, thin feces, skin pale, rough hair, unkempt matte and so on. Not anemic piglets with pink ears.

When piglets are born, they can get about 1 mg of iron per day, while piglets grow fast and need about 8 mg of iron a day. The pig in the house does not get a portion of the iron from the soil and needs additional supplements. Iron deficiency of piglets will cause hemoglobin reduction, skin and mucous membrane pale, loss of appetite, mild diarrhea, mental decline, growth stagnation, disease resistance weakened, easy to fall ill, serious death.

The sooner the pig supplements the better, piglets are less stress, 3rd-Year-old Iron can basically solve the problem of iron deficiency early piglets, but still can not meet the needs of iron in the late piglets, the need for the 10th age two iron supplements, such as not iron will lead to piglets weaning when iron deficiency, weaning weight low. Before work don't feel, now visits a number of pig farms, found a iron supplementation of weaned piglets weight small, easy to get sick, skin white, low resistance. For the doubt, there is no operation of the pig farms, can be a small test, and then in the whole field to promote.

Iron is a pig's body of trace elements, pigs in the growth, development of the process are not iron, once the lack of increase the chance of illness, because of iron deficiency caused by slow development and disease infection, such as a series of problems, is really worth the candle.