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If a sow has no milk, how to push it.

Article From:广州集牧农牧科技有限公司 Hits:5303 Position posted on:2018-01-11

Sows, especially the first sows, are prone to lack of lactation during lactation, if the sow postpartum breast is not full, piglet is hair is not smooth, each piglets after feeding piglets also have to arch milk, and sows lying or dog sitting refused to breastfeed, this is the performance of milk, should pay attention to sow feeding in pig disease prevention and control work, Here's how to push the milk for a sow without breast milk.

The reason that sows have no milk:

1, nutritional factors: sows such as feeding too much will lead to sow postpartum less milk, no milk after the sow, but the sow is not comprehensive nutrition or feeding a small amount of energy, protein deficiency, there will be no milk or less milk.

2, physiological factors: sows generally low lactation capacity, 3~4 Tire is the peak of lactation, and then gradually decline. The use of reserve sows is premature, the skeleton and mammary gland are not fully developed, which leads to low lactation ability of postpartum sows. 

3, pathological factors: sow labor when the anti-inflammatory is not strict, the occurrence of vaginitis, endometritis, postpartum fever, can lead to sow without milk or less milk, the environment overheating or cold also can make the digestive function of the sow changes.