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What about sows without milk?

Article From:广州集牧农牧科技有限公司 Hits:4881 Position posted on:2018-01-11

1, injection: Play oxytocin or treatment of prostate needle galactagogue, can be effective immediately, generally a shot can be. 

2, Traditional Chinese medicine: Wang does not leave 9 grams, pangolin 6 grams, wooden pass 9 grams, fry water after feeding. 

3, fill the feed: can be fed some soya-bean milk, millet, afterbirth soup, fish soup, such as high nutritional food.

4, the environment: to ensure air circulation, fresh air, to maintain health, to prevent moisture, to keep the lap of dry.

1, for the first generation sow less milk is mainly due to the development of lactation system is not sufficient or low dietary nutritional level, the first production of sows may be less milk 1~2 a fresh afterbirth, chopped cooked into sow feed in the 2~3 time to feed.

2, for the production of sows sow less milk for the secondary, the milk should be to eradicate the cause of the disease, adjust the diet, feed more green juicy feed as the principle. With yellow 200 grams of fried water mixture feeding, 1 agents a day, even feeding 3-5 days. 

3, for the Fat sow fat Sow's lactation system essence organ by adipose infiltration affects the endocrine to make the sow lactation to reduce, the lactation method preferred hormone prolactin, through subcutaneous injection prolactin, each time each 500~1000 international unit, 1 times a day, 3 consecutive times. 

4, for the emaciated sow emaciated sow less milk is the main reason is malnutrition, should first check feed nutrition ingredients meet the requirements of feeding standards, and then check whether there is a parasitic disease and other expendable diseases, remove the cause after the principle of nourishing to restore Sow's physique.