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There are several reasons why pigs dont make money

Article From:广州集牧农牧科技有限公司 Hits:4831 Position posted on:2017-11-27

There are many factors affecting the low economic benefit of farmers ' pig-raising, and the main reasons for the low benefit in rural areas, especially farmers ' small-scale pigs, are as follows:

1. Poor variety. Many farmers have long been accustomed to raising soil and miscellaneous pigs, so that not only easily spread diseases increase feed consumption, and poor meat, not adapt to the needs of consumers, but the benefits vary greatly.

2, Feed single. The feed formula is unreasonable or the raw material is not homogeneous, the lack of the necessary protein feed or other nutrients, resulting in higher material meat ratio and lower feed remuneration.

3, do not heavy epidemic prevention. Pig farmers have a lucky mind, sometimes even the pig's several major infectious diseases do not want to be vaccinated. Some farmers also pay more attention to the infectious diseases which have high mortality and economic loss, but they tend to neglect some diseases with lower mortality and less clinical symptoms. Although the above-mentioned chronic diseases do not cause death, but greatly affect the use of pigs feed absorption, inhibit the development of pigs growth.

4. Ignore the insect repellent. Live pigs often contact the ground, plus feed with green material, raw materials, very easy to infect worms and other parasitic diseases. In particular, worm parasites in the small intestine of pigs will cause Ascaris pneumonia, enteritis, intestinal obstruction, intestinal worms and other diseases, light makes the pig dysplasia, stunted growth or the formation of stiff pigs, the weight gain rate reduced by 30%, heavy will cause death.

5, the stock time is too long. It is not economical to raise the pig to 100 kg. The development of the pig is the early growth, the peak after a long period of decline, and then slow growth, or even stagnation, when the weight of more than 100 kg, not only feed pay reduction, but also maintain a large increase in time, not timely slaughter is not zoned.