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What to do if a pig is poisoned, there are different detoxification methods in different poisoning stages

Article From:广州集牧农牧科技有限公司 Hits:5123 Position posted on:2017-11-27

Pigs have general disease, farmers still know how to treat, but pig poisoning, some farmers will rush, do not know how to do, often missed the best treatment time, to bring the loss of farmers.Today, share some of the methods for the rescue of pig poisoning for your reference,Depending on the duration of the poisoning, different detoxification methods are used:There are generally two kinds of pig poisoning, mainly feed poisoning (mycotoxin poisoning, feed mildew caused) and drug poisoning (antibiotics overdose lead to liver and kidney accumulation poisoning, etc.), treatment methods are mainly diarrhea, in the digestive tract above the stomach to vomit, in the gut to diarrhea,The common rescue method mainly has the following four kinds:


Mainly used in organic phosphorus and other drug poisoning, can be subcutaneous injection of quinoa 10mg, oral emetic or with sticks and hose gently wipe throat mucosa, can let the pig vomit.

 2、Gastric lavage

Found when, if the pig had been poisoned for 5 hours or so, to choose to wash the stomach, prussic acid poisoning can choose 1% potassium permanganate solution or 3% of hydrogen peroxide, organic phosphorus poisoning to use 1% sodium bicarbonate solution, corrosive drug poisoning do not wash the stomach, may cause gastric perforation, to repeatedly wash the stomach, until the water to wash the stomach becomes clear.


When a poisoned drug enters the gut, a laxative is chosen because most of the toxic substances are soluble in oil, the use of oil-like laxative will accelerate the body of the absorption of toxic substances, to use salt-reducing agent (Glauber's salt, magnesium sulfate, etc.), if the pig is contaminated with sodium or nitrate, to a large number of water to fill, to reduce the concentration of salt in the stomach.

4、Antidote and bloodletting

If the poisoning time is too long, poison may enter the blood, at this time will use antidote, prussic acid poisoning, can use sodium nitrite solution intravenous drip, organophosphorus pesticide poisoning, to use atropine detoxification, alkali substances poisoning, can use acid or vinegar detoxification, alkaloid poisoning, to use potassium permanganate oxidation detoxification.If the poison into the blood, in the use of antidote at the same time, you can put vein blood rescue, each bloodletting around 400ml, at the same time, to the pig infusion, a large number of drinking water, so that the pig urine and sweating as soon as possible, can also play the purpose of detoxification.