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This winter solstice is not too cold, pig price is worth seeing

Article From:广州集牧农牧科技有限公司 Hits:4926 Position posted on:2017-11-27

The winter solstice in broad sense is also called "Winter Festival", "he dong" is one of Huaxia Shiber, in contrast with the summer solstice, when in the Gregorian calendar December 22 around the winter solstice, the sun directly to the ground to reach the southernmost end of the year, the northern hemisphere to get the least sunshine, less than the southern hemisphere 50%, the northern hemisphere daylight to the shortest, And the shorter the day, the coldest day of the winter solstice.

After the winter solstice, the industry in a "singing up" voice, then the solar term for pig farmers What is the significance of it? is the winter solstice pig price peak, or still have a "cold" risk? Here and you talk about the winter solstice of swine.

From the front:

1, before and after the traditional winter solstice is the support factor of pig price rise

As we all know, winter solstice in the production of bacon, ham, enema peak, surging demand, coupled with the pig source of tension, pig prices are basically determined; before and after the winter solstice is also farmers and slaughter enterprises game period, the increase in market consumption, farmers have pressure bar, driving the price of pigs to rise; and after the winter solstice production peak and "Kill the Year Pig" Peak, favorable end of the pig price!

2, Winter solstice is the cold weather is not conducive to pig transport

Winter cooling, the difficulty of dispatching pigs. With the arrival of winter, affected by rain and snow in the north, road traffic and transportation is hindered, will increase the difficulty of pig transport, the impact of market supply of pigs, rain and snow caused by the circulation of obstruction and difficult to buy, can promote the rapid rise in pig prices. The growing demand for pork has also been a certain stimulus to pig prices, therefore, the rise of the view is relatively large, and in the end how much, the Chinese pig network is expected to increase in 0.2-0.5 yuan/kg.

On the flip side:

1. The winter solstice of swine is a watershed, is it rising or falling?

Now farmers generally want to put the pig to the winter solstice before and after the festival, consumption peaks superimposed, bullish pressure bar atmosphere is more strong, farmers ' pressure column mood. But now there are provinces ready to prepare pork storage, combined with the impact of imported pork and concentrated slaughter, it is expected that the winter solstice or will become another watershed in the price of pigs, rising roughly the largest, but the risk is still! The most suitable temperature for the growth and development of pigs is 18-23 ℃, if the temperature is below 18 ℃, the speed of the pig growth will be very slowly. Into the winter, the temperature began to fall, from the cost of farming to consider, the pig is best to slaughter in advance.

2, the impact of public opinion on the market is very big don't preach "winter solstice Market"

In the breed pig friend really need to have a "reference", need to absorb effective information in time, but must keep isolated thinking, reasonable attention to market trends, weight and other issues, but not blindly follow suit.Master new technology, new ideas talent to walk steadily rich road, now the market trend of public opinion on the overall market impact more and more, the market is ever-changing, pig price analyst, large enterprise speech can not do all the pig price control, when a market diffuse constantly qualitative time, decentralized investment is the best investment strategy.It is also the best policy to raise farmers in batches. When the price of pigs in a slowly rising period, according to their own actual situation, looking for profit to maximize the weight of the slaughter, rather than locking the fixed date of the slaughter, to reduce the risk to some extent, but also to increase income.

Warm reminder:

(1) Future pig price is optimistic, but the market risk is also large, it is recommended that pigs should be high in the slaughter, spread out the bag for Ann.

(2) The winter for the high onset of disease, reasonable control; the cold, pig friends should also pay attention to cold warm ah, the body is the most important